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Arrow Park is a truly unique venue in New York's Hudson Valley Region. The Arrow Park Mansion, Banquet/Meeting Hall and Lake/Beach Areas are available separately or bundled together to make your event a memorable and unique occasion. Whether a large crowd or a private getaway... Arrow Park is a place for inspiration, relaxation and celebration!


The century-old mansion offers unique dining, meeting and event accommodations, plus twelve overnight guest rooms including three spectacular lake-view suites.


Our banquet hall and beach areas offer a multitude of event possibilities in a natural wooded setting and the simple grandeur of an old private estate. We are your place in the country... a world away.


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A Winter's View from the Mansion with


from the Staff of Arrow Park

Autumn-Winter 2017-18


The later months of the year offer their own particular attraction at Arrow Park... a refreshing crispness in the air, the colors of the foliage, candles in the hallways, the comforting warmth of the flames and embers in the fireplaces of the mansion. Autumn and winter also offer a unique opportunity for savings on mid-week and seasonal-event venue rentals!


Whether planning a wedding, holiday/company party, or a unique family get-together, you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities of Arrow Park during “the off-season” – a beautiful and enchanting time of year to be here.


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What people are saying:


“Our wedding at Arrow Park was like something out of a fairy tale. Pictures literally do not do this place justice; you have to see it for yourself. From the beach to the mansion to the gardens, literally every place is a great one for pictures. Better yet, the staff is professional and friendly, willing to accommodate your needs yet at the same time able to step back to allow you to do your own thing...”

 – T. Hall, September 2017, on Facebook

A few years ago Arrow Park opened the property for weddings... and we haven't looked back.


Being different from many wedding venues, Arrow Park is not known for it's mainstream glitz and posh. Instead, we offer something a little less extreme, and quite possibly a bit more elegant and grand. That's not to say that we don't have high-energy and ceiling raising weddings and receptions. Quite the contrary – just see some of our reviews! We also offer the setting, staff and know-how to help you prepare before (and relax after) your special day. We work with our couples and their families to make everything as special as we can. The Arrow Park complex offers an unlimited canvas to create your own – very unique – bridal tapestry.


Some couples choose to take full advantage of the entire Arrow Park Wedding Venue, utilizing all our facilities. Others simply opt for a few hours in one of our gardens, on the beach or in the mansion. Our staff is here to assist you with as much of the planning as you desire. Our staff's cumulative experience in weddings, the bridal industry and hospitality extends well into decades. Our pride is in the details of making sure your special day is precisely that... special.  Read More... Arrow Park Weddings

The Arrow Park Mansion is adaptable and accommodating. Calling it "Grand" might be an understatement. And, while it's century-old hallways and rooms contain hundreds of stories and have created so many memories, we always keep in mind that it is “quirky” when compared to what most people are accustomed to. We do take a simple sense of pride in that. To understand it, you either have to experience it yourself or simply talk to someone that has been here.


From christenings to memorials, bar mitzvahs to weddings, private family get-togethers to public art exhibits, wine tasting events to yoga retreats – the entirety of  Arrow Park opens wide the door of opportunity for your event. Whether you are looking to accommodate a handful of people, a few dozen or hundreds, we invite you to call our Main Office for details on rentals and to arrange for a tour of the facilities.


The centerpiece of the property is the Arrow Park Mansion. With meeting and dining rooms, patio and sun rooms. plus overnight accommodations – this historic building is the perfect setting for nearly any occasion. But, the mansion is only a part of Arrow Park.


Our newly updated banquet hall is equally accommodating for meetings, banquets, receptions and other larger gatherings. This large gathering place offers uncrowded sit-down dining for ± 210 people with plenty of room left for dancing, socializing or displays. There is a small theatrical stage which can be utilized as well.


And, of course, there the garden areas,  Arrow Lake and the beach area. All are perfect for seasonal events. Uniquely suited for wedding ceremonies, receptions, banquets, family reunions, corporate meetings, and much more... Arrow Park is very much a place to consider when planning your events and celebrations.

A World Away

Arrow Park has a century-long history. It has been many things to many people, but above all else – it is a place to create memories that last a lifetime. Whether it's exploring the quirky tiles on the many fireplaces of the mansion, having a special private place to simply be with a friend, or sharing your special day with family and friends... we are your place in the country. Unique. Memorable.


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