Arrow Park Accommodations



The Mansion at Arrow Park – with a gorgeous lake view and porch sitting areas – sets the stage for a romantic and delightful atmosphere where you and your guests will feel like you’ve been whisked into a special time and place.


The options for a truly unique and extraordinary stay are found everywhere in the Mansion. Our recently updated rooms and suites offer convenience and romance for an overnight stay. Our rooms are perfect spaces to prepare for your ceremony and festivities. And, they are a perfect place to unwind and relax after your special day.


Arrangements can be made to reserve rooms for your wedding party, family and friends. This may especially welcomed for those that may have traveled far for the occasion. The Mansion can also be your own private start-of-the-honeymoon getaway once the crowds have left the property.


Our rooms include a few full-suites with exceptional views of the lake and forest. These include private full-baths. The mansion also offers more modest accommodations with single and double bed sleeping with shared bathrooms – ideal for those that simply need a place to rest their bodies after hours of celebrating.


Intimate sitting and eating areas can be arranged throughout the Mansion to meet your particular needs and desires. We can arrange for a light meal or appetizers for incoming guests or a family style buffet "morning-after" breakfast. The choices abound.



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What people are saying...


“Our wedding weekend was nothing short of a fantasy thanks to Elsie and Stephanie at Arrow Park. From the incredibly rich history of the property, to the no-expense-spared 1909 construction, this is truly the most unique venue imaginable. Arrow Park helped us create a 3-day wedding destination weekend... most of our guests were able to stay on-site and take advantage of the beach, trails, gardens and other amazing amenities. We felt lucky to call this extraordinary place "ours" for an entire weekend with our closest family and friends.”

Michael Tamburro, June 18, 2015



“Planning to stay over?”


The thought of renting the entire Mansion for a day or two (or three) can seem a little daunting and overwhelming for some. But, once you consider the practical options if offers to family, guests and friends... a different perspective may come to mind.  What we hear most often from couples that have stayed for awhile is that they feel Arrow Park became much more than “the place where they had their wedding.” That is an important ingredient to the magic of Arrow Park. There is an intimacy at Arrow Park that you are not going to experience many other places... relaxed, focused, unhurried and memorable.

Need a few more rooms than the Mansion can accommodate?


Sometimes the family and guest list gets out of hand. We understand. And, we can also offer a little “extra room” right on the Arrow Park property. Across the street from the main venue, we have two bungalows that can handle an addition 12-16 overnighters. The Arrow Park Bungalows are simple, practical and a real callback to an era of the Catskill's that is nearly forgotten. Very modest in comparison to the Mansion itself, our bungalows offer all the necessities for a safe and pleasant night's sleep. Especially convenient for your "Morning After Breakfast Guests" or  "Day Before Travelers," we encourage you to check out the bungalows during your visit and tour. Click here to learn more about the Arrow Park Bungalows.