As Arrow Park enters it's seventieth year, we are expanding our website to include a special section highlighting Arrow Park's History. The intent is that this section of our website will be a point of reference for shareholders, and all Friends of Arrow Park. We hope you will contribute to these pages – helping to preserve pieces of Arrow Park's diverse legacy and heritage for upcoming generations.


Celebrating 70 Years

1948 - 2017


Welcome Arrow Park Shareholders & Friends


As we near the Seventieth Anniversary of Arrow Park, it is our intent to take some time to look at our history, to rekindle fond memories, and to help preserve an important part of our heritage. Arrow Park has been the gathering place of many people. That was the simple idea from the time that "a small group of european immigrants from New York City" pooled their money together and purchased a mansion in Monroe New York... nearly seven decades ago.

Our founders were originally of Russian and Ukrainian descent. Yet, through the decades, our doors have opened much, much wider – and all have come, been welcomed and enjoyed Arrow Park as it was intended to be – "an escape to a place in the country, a world away – a place to celebrate and refresh our souls.” There has not been a culture, an ancestry nor a people of any ethnic, religious or political affiliation that has not been here.


The celebration of Arrow Park was first weaved with the sounds of klezmer bands, balaliakas, polkas, and accordians. Through the years this very same place has hosted American folk legends such as Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie. In recent years, we listened to the ceremonial chants of native Lumi Indians echoing over the waters of Arrow Lake, as Arrow Park became a final destination for the Indian Healing Totem to honor the victims of the September 11 Attack on New York. However, the heartbeat of Arrow Park is solely in the large numbers nor special occasions. You can still find a small string quartet, or a sole flutist, sitting in the Memorial Garden or on the dock by the lake. All these sounds are the music of Arrow Park. All these sounds are what was intended nearly three-quarters of a century ago.

More recently, Arrow Park has become, yet again, a place of great joy and celebration. We opened our doors as a venue for weddings and retreats, and this has become the mainstay for us to effectively keep our doors open and preserve this precious jewel. Because of this, we have been able to make much needed repairs and improvements to the buildings, facilities and grounds of Arrow Park. And – because of this – we have been able to share Arrow Park for those who have come here – a world away, a very special place for all people.





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