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For your next retreat, event or celebration...

Peacefully nestled among acres of native foliage, this tranquil escape provides the perfect environment to refocus, recharge, and realign your team. Arrow Park offers a unique opportunity for your next retreat, event or celebration.

Whether you are planning a business retreat, a company wellness/appreciation day or BBQ, holiday party, a special family get-together, an art show, or the anniversary of a special occasion... we invite you to consider Arrow Park for a memorable and exceptional venue. 

Half-day, full day and multiple day rentals are available. We look forward to the opportunity of assisting you.     


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Scenic Location: Nestled in the Hudson Valley, Arrow Park offers a picturesque setting with lush forests, a private lake, and tranquil surroundings. This natural beauty provides an ideal backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Historical Significance: The park has a rich history, adding a unique charm to the retreat experience. The main house and surrounding buildings have a historic ambiance that guests often find inspiring and grounding.

Versatile Facilities: Arrow Park offers a variety of facilities that cater to different types of retreats, including corporate retreats, wellness retreats, weddings, and other special events. There are meeting rooms, dining areas, and outdoor spaces that can accommodate both small and large groups.

Accommodations: The Arrow Park Estate provides comfortable accommodations ranging from cozy guest rooms in the historic mansion to The Cottages (also located on the property). This variety allows guests to choose the type of lodging that best suits their needs. Within a 10-20 minute drive of the property – there are traditional "hotel accommodations" available for those that may have a more contemporary requirement of stay. 

Recreational Activities: The estate features numerous recreational activities such as hiking, swimming, boating, and fishing. These activities can enhance the retreat experience by providing opportunities for physical activity and leisure.

Event Planning and Support: Arrow Park offers event planning services to help organize and execute retreats smoothly. This includes catering options, AV equipment for presentations, and assistance with coordinating activities and schedules.

Privacy and Exclusivity: The park's expansive grounds ensure privacy and exclusivity for groups, making it an ideal setting for focused and uninterrupted retreat sessions.

Accessibility: Located within driving distance of New York City, Arrow Park is easily accessible for attendees traveling from the city or surrounding areas, yet remote enough to feel like a true getaway.

Meeting Spaces


The amenities of the  Arrow Park Estate blend well for corporate, wellness and family retreats looking for a low-tech, leisure and natural setting to foster team bonding, relaxation, and strategic planning. Unplugged and serene – Arrow Park is "A World Away." 

Here are some typical activities:

Team-building exercises 
These can range from trust falls to problem-solving challenges. The aim is to improve communication, collaboration, and trust among team members.

Workshops and seminars
Sessions focused on skill development, leadership training, or industry-specific topics can be included to enhance professional growth.

Outdoor activities
Team sports, hiking, or adventure activities like ropes courses or zip-lining can encourage teamwork and boost morale.

Social events
Dinners, cocktail parties, or informal gatherings provide opportunities for networking and relationship-building in a relaxed setting.

Brainstorming sessions
Dedicated time for brainstorming new ideas, discussing challenges, and strategizing future plans can be valuable for innovation and problem-solving.

Wellness activities
Yoga sessions, meditation workshops, or wellness seminars help promote employee well-being and stress management.

Talent shows, karaoke nights, or themed parties add fun and entertainment to the retreat, fostering a relaxed atmosphere and strengthening bonds among colleagues.

Volunteer activities
Giving back to the local community through volunteer work or charity events can instill a sense of purpose and unity among team members.

Reflection and feedback
Structured sessions for reflecting on past performance, setting goals, and providing feedback help in personal and professional development.

Free time
Allowing downtime for individuals to relax, explore the surroundings, or engage in personal activities encourages rejuvenation and can lead to more productive work sessions.

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