For over seven decades Arrow Park has been a place of meeting and celebration for all people that have "discovered" this quiet space in the foothills of the Catskills. Originally a place to escape from the city for the Schieffelin family during the early 1900s, Arrow Park (originally AROW Farm) grew from a small ethnic community to become a meeting place for people (literally thousands) of varied ethnic, cultural and political backgrounds. 

What all these people had in common was an appreciaion of nature, a sense of the dignity in daily life and an understanding that here was a place to enjoy both. The mainstay of Arrow Park is found in that practicality and simplicity. 

Arrow Park has always been a social and community-based meeting center. We have been told it is one of the best kept secrets of the Hudson Valley Region, a simple and rare venue in an age of ultra-modern and contemporary alternatives. We continue to serve an increasingly wide and varied group of organizations, clubs, organizations, and businesses. Whether planning a day-long meeting or corporate retreat, a special exhibition, an larger outdoor event or a memorable family occasion – we invite you to contact our staff for more information.

2023 marked the


We thank and honor all families who contributed and shared in the accomplishment of this important 75th Celebration of Arrow Park. 

The history of Arrow Park has been a reflection of many generations starting from the turn-of-the-last-century immigrants from eastern Europe. Originally a communal and social gathering place, they have strived to maintain and expand on the premises of their forebears. The foundation and reason for all these decades has been simple...

β€œTo preserve, protect and improve all the physical assets owned by Arrow Park Inc. so as to maintain a place of beauty, peacefulness and recreation in a manner that permits Arrow Park, Inc. shareholders and their families and friends to enjoy this beauty.” – Statement of Mission, Arrow Park Board of Trustees, 2017       

We are currently archiving a more comprehensive history of Arrow Park. We invite you to review the project and to visit the Friends of Arrow Park website to learn more.


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